Top 5 extraordinary gifts

So you have that someone special you really need to wow with a gift? Well here are a few suggestions of gifts and experiences that will really sweep them off their feet. Or is it may be that you want to treat yourself? You got the promotion you have worked hard for and you feel like you deserve a treat. It may even be the birth of a friend’s child and you want your gift to stand out against the rest of the presents. But where to start looking for that extra special gift? How do you get it without it costing huge amounts? Here are a few ideas that will get the ball rolling.

The Best 5 Gifts Around

air ballooning

Take them on a new experience by purchasing once in a lifetime trips. What about air ballooning to dizzying heights over a beautiful city for the adventure hungry? What about having a day at a racetrack to test the latest sports car at their fastest for the speed-freak? Or you can take your relationship to extremes with a sky diving course and jump out of a plane! You will have to have a lot of faith with the person jumping with you!

jewelry gift

Give them the gift of jewelry that will last forever and make the prefect impression. Just think about something you have always wanted to say to them and have it inscribed onto a piece of jewelry to make it truly unique and special.

spa weekend

Take them on a spa weekend – Treat that someone special to a wonderful weekend away! It may be the right moment you have been waiting for it pop the question. And you can also save money by using vouchers.

Buy them that pet they have always wanted, it could bring the family closer together with a puppy or start a relationship with a cute kitten to play with.

Or do something truly special and adopt an animal in another country! See way you don’t have the hassle or the cost of looking after the animal but you get updates of how the animal is doing just imagine telling your friends you have a pet Panda!